How Spinal Injections Help

A spinal injection can help you and your doctor!  The injection may relieve or reduce your pain and symptoms.  Furthermore, it tells your doctor important information and may confirm a diagnosis.

A spinal injection may be part of your diagnostic work up.  Your doctor may already know your diagnosis—he wants to confirm it.  Your response to the injection and information your doctor learns while performing the injection helps him to fine-tune your treatment plan.

What to expect

A spinal injection may provide you with no pain relief or short-term pain relief.  Sometimes pain is relieved, returns for a short time period and then improves again.


  • Your outcome helps your doctor to identify the primary cause of pain
  • Pain relief allows you to more fully benefit from physical therapy
  • Chiropractic adjustments may be more effective because guarding against pain flare is less and you have greater range of motion
  • Pain and symptoms that persist or progress may indicate different the need for a different treatment intervention(s)
  • The images taken during a spinal injection are helpful during pre-surgical planning

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